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A fast growing Bradford software development company has recently launched a new User Experience service to add to its services portfolio. The Sett UX Lab is the only User Experience consultancy and service provider in the city and builds upon the success of the Sett Group by offering current and potential Sett customers a way to ensure that their software, web or apps are working in the best way they can, improving business and return on investment.

Sett UX Lab exists for anyone selling online or the creative agencies that support businesses to sell online. When investing in an app, website or piece of software businesses need to know that this is going work for them when it comes to selling, and not just look pretty. Using cutting edge technology Sett UX Lab generate an understanding of how your users relate to your marketing or product in order to make recommendations for improved performance. Sett UX Lab services include:

In the words of Rob Walters, Managaing Director of the Sett Group "Sett UX Lab builds on our work in developing cutting edge web user interfaces, and developing software to understand consumer behaviour. We've always had a strong interest in user interfaces - designing manufacturing production systems which prevent errors, developing apps which work intuitively and creating web applications which use advanced functionality to create a rich web interface. All for not much more than the cost of a website."

The power of Sett UX Lab is its ability to help us to understand how real people use the interfaces we create, helping us to base what we do on science and understanding rather than simply our own "art", and this is a service that Sett UX Lab will offer to website owners, design and creative agencies and marketing departments across the region and further afield.

Founded in 2008, the Sett Group is a family of three who excel at working together to deliver total business and technology solutions.

Sett was formed through a firm belief that there was a need in the technology industry. Too many companies offer excellent solutions but have no idea of the real world problems they are trying to solve.

Posted by Rob Walters on 15 March 2013
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