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Rob Walters, MD of Sett UX Lab delivered a talk entitled 'What are users your thinking' at The GSE UK Conference 2013, one of the top events in the IBM user group calendar worldwide.

This annual two day event is hosted at the prestigious Whittlebury Hall and brings together the key figures from the IT and business world when it comes to enterprise computing and mainframes.

Sett UX Lab’s Rob delivered a talk in the ‘New Technologies’ stream at the conference on Day 2. Rob discussed the way users interact with IT – software, apps, portals and web sites – has never been more important. A user interface can make or break a product, cause system failure or even disaster. User experience testing, and technology such as eye tracking, has been with us for some time, but increasing awareness, decreasing costs and greater ease of use and portability makes it possible to bring such technologies out of research labs to a far wider range of projects.
Perhaps your focus is on tool selection or development – how can understanding users’ visual attention, work flow and thought processes help you design or choose tools your users love? Or perhaps you have an interest in or responsibility for marketing – how can understanding how your customers read and navigate your website help you increase conversion and sales? Or maybe you are simply an interested user – what makes some software, apps and websites easier and harder to use? The session gave a brief overview of the ways usability analysis aims to answer these and more questions, showing the range of understanding that can be gained, and included a practical demonstration of using eye tracking to understand what and how users REALLY think when using software and the web.

2013’s GSE Annual conference was the biggest yet. In addition to Sett UX Lab’s Rob other speakers included computing specialists representing organisations such as IBM, Tesco, Oracle, LloydsBanking Group, and Barclays to name a few….We think Rob was in good company, don’t you? Take a look at Rob’s presentation here.

Posted by Rob Walters on 16 March 2013
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