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"If I can't find the contact details then I won't buy"

"A website without images bores me"

"If I can't find the contact details then I won't buy"

"A website without images bores me"

Key Facts

  • Puts "science" into the "art" of design
  • Helps you gain a deep understanding of your users - how they think and what they do
  • We can work with your existing developers or directly with you
  • Can be used to plan priorities, specify changes to a website or software, or as part of a design or development process


At the heart of Sett UX Lab is our usability testing.

How do your users really think and act?

Our usability testing allows us to back up our observations, conclusions and recommendations with "science" - it is through usability testing that we can gain deep understanding of the users of a website, software system or app to allow us to make meaningful recommendations.

Usability testing does not have to be a long or complicated exercise - much useful insight can be obtained from testing on as few as 6 users - with changes to a design then implemented, before retesting. In this way, usability testing fits into a design and development process, allowing a design to be perfected before it's launched.

How does usability testing work?

There are three components to usability testing at Sett.

Most importantly is our people and their expertise - our consultants plan, execute and evaluate results of user testing. The success of user testing depends on their skill. Testing itself uses a mix of technology - eye tracking and other techniques - to understand where users look, what they do, and how they interact with a website, software or app. Finally, there's no substitute for good old fashioned communication - talking to your users to understand what they think and feel puts the data we collect into context and makes our research about real people.


At Sett UX Lab, we’re delighted to offer our services both directly to organisations who own websites, software or apps, and to the agencies who work tirelessly to make those same websites, software and apps happen. If you’d like to hear more about what we can do for you, follow the links to start your project today or hear more about how we could work with your agency.

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