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"Apps are not just for fun, they have to be informative"

"I don't like incomplete web pages"

"Apps are not just for fun, they have to be informative"

"I don't like incomplete web pages"

Key Facts

  • Puts "science" into the "art" of design
  • Helps you gain a deep understanding of your users - how they think and what they do
  • We can work with your existing developers or directly with you
  • Can be used to plan priorities, specify changes to a website or software, or as part of a design or development process


User focused design goes beyond simply looking at how usable a website, or software or mobile app, is. It aims to create products which are intuitive - which a user can instinctively use and relate to, products which are a good fit for the end user.

The user focused design process takes into account many different factors, such as your users themselves (their aims and objectives, their priorities, background and skills), your business, the product, the task users are trying to achieve and the technology and medium we're designing for. A software system designed for, for example, senior medical professionals will have a very different approach to an app designed for teenagers.

This initial insight allows us to plan a process of analysis, design, test and results which is tailored for your individual circumstances. Check out the Sett UX Process for more info. Using a variety of methods from eye tracking studies to focus groups and card sorting we chose the methods that best fit your project to develop a technology that delivers on your business goals and customer needs, often using a combination of methods throughout the design and development process

The result - a product which is a great match for your users


At Sett UX Lab, we’re delighted to offer our services both directly to organisations who own websites, software or apps, and to the agencies who work tirelessly to make those same websites, software and apps happen. If you’d like to hear more about what we can do for you, follow the links to start your project today or hear more about how we could work with your agency.

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