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"The mobile site must resemble the website or I don't trust it"

"An app has to be easy to navigate"

"The mobile site must resemble the website or I don't trust it"

"An app has to be easy to navigate"

Key Facts

  • A web presence optimised for mobile devices
  • Phones and tablets - Android, Windows, iOS and Blackberry
  • We can work with your existing developers or directly with you
  • We can work with existing sites and applications or create from scratch
  • Responsive web design and development or mobile app development


Over half of UK residents have a smartphone, and almost three-quarters of smartphone users access the internet from their phone on a daily basis.

Is your website optimised for viewing on a mobile or tablet?

By optimising your website, you can ensure you don't miss out on this growing market of people who use their phone to search, browse and buy online.

Our extensive knowledge and expertise in User Focused Design means that we can create mobile applications, and responsive websites which work seamlessly across the full range of devices - phones, tablets and desktop computers, increasing your conversion rates and customer loyalty.

From user focused design through to development and usability testing Sett UX Lab will work with you or your existing developers at every step of the way

Don't miss out on the growing numbers of people using mobiles and tablets to access web and apps.


At Sett UX Lab, we’re delighted to offer our services both directly to organisations who own websites, software or apps, and to the agencies who work tirelessly to make those same websites, software and apps happen. If you’d like to hear more about what we can do for you, follow the links to start your project today or hear more about how we could work with your agency.

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