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The Sett UX Process places the user at the centre, making software, apps and the web a joy to use.

Working directly with you, or with your designers and developers, our focus on understanding your users lets us deliver great results in a 4 stage process.


At Sett UX Lab the first step is understanding the key to the UX process - your users.

Who is your typical user? What motivates them? What are their values? What is their personality? Understanding your users allows us to develop a project plan specific to your exact requirements.


The research phase seeks to understand your aims and objectives, and your existing website, software or application.

What does success look like? How should a great user interface work? What will a great user experience do for your business and your users? Our research allows us to hone the project plan, designing the testing we will be undertaking to deliver the results you need.


The testing phase is where the magic happens - it is during the test phases of the project that we learn the most valuable information about your customers or users, and how they act and think.

Through usability testing, we identify sufficient users in your target audience, and undertake detailed study todetermine where your website, app or software could be working harder for you and your users.


The most important phase, and the point at which our hard work pays for itself, as detailed analysis allows us to give you insight into your users.

How do your users use your software, website or app? What issues did they face? What grabbed your users' attention? What did they ignore? What aspects of your product did your users find particularly usable or unusable?

As your website, software or app evolves, so the Sett UX Process fits as part of a strategy.

Many projects will take place in two phases - giving a “before” and “after” perspective of your project - allowing us to feed into the design and development process, and report on the results.

Often a UX strategy will form a part of an organisation's wider marketing or system development strategy - with phased UX projects implemented hand in hand with design and development projects.

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