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"I can tell a dodgy website just from the layout"

"It's nice to see real people in images"

"I can tell a dodgy website just from the layout"

"It's nice to see real people in images"

Key Facts

  • User experience optimisation can reduce errors and increase productivity
  • Simple changes can make a huge difference
  • We can work with your existing developers or directly with you
  • We can work with existing applications or create new software from scratch
  • Software user interfaces can include conventional software, web portals or mobile apps


You've invested in the software running your business - your in house systems and web portals. But is this software as effective as it could be?

When investing in a major software system, for many companies the user experience is an afterthought, if considered at all. This can present a huge hidden cost - poor user experience can increase errors, reduce productivity or worse.

So why is user experience not given higher priority?

In simple terms, software usability is hard to describe and harder to test - far harder than "functional" requirements such as how many customers to display on screen at a time, or how the widget process should work. This leads many companies to simply say "the software needs to be user friendly" - but what does this mean?

For this reason, the user experience of software is overlooked, resulting in software which doesn't perform at its best.

There is another way

We can work with you, or your software developers, to design or redesign software which increases the productivity of your users and reduces errors. Our expertise in software - together with a range of user experience testing and analysis techniques - allows us to gain a far deeper understanding of your users and apply this to recommendations to improve the design of the software you use daily.

With our own in house development team, we can design and develop usable software for you from the ground up, including user experience testing, protyping and design throughout the development process.

How much more could you do with software designed for usability?


At Sett UX Lab, we’re delighted to offer our services both directly to organisations who own websites, software or apps, and to the agencies who work tirelessly to make those same websites, software and apps happen. If you’d like to hear more about what we can do for you, follow the links to start your project today or hear more about how we could work with your agency.

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