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"Apps are not just for fun, they have to be informative"

"Good pictures sell"

"Apps are not just for fun, they have to be informative"

"Good pictures sell"

Key Facts

  • Applies principles of small scale testing to live sites, apps and software
  • Helps you maintain understanding of your users - the collective behaviour of all users
  • Helps you make better business decisions around software, web and apps
  • Using existing tools such as Google Analytics, or bespoke analytics created for you
  • Can be used to plan priorities, specify changes to a website or software, or as part of a design or development process


Analytics takes the process of UX one step further - from the small scale (tests with a sample of users) to the large scale - looking at the website, app or software in use.

You want to increase your web sales by 20% next month - but how? More visitors to your site? Higher conversion of existing visitors? Is there a part of your site which puts your existing visitors off, meaning you get a lower rate of conversion? How can you make your website meet its full potential?

The same can be applied to software and apps - how can you increase productivity with the same staff? What causes delays or inefficiency? What could you do better?

UX and analytics hand in hand can help

Using the same process as in smaller scale UX studies, we can design an approach to collecting information and reporting to you to help you make better business and technology decisions. Often this will use tools such as Google Analytics, but can also include custom analytics designed for your individual circumstances.

This use of analytics allows you to continue the UX process after a site, software or app goes live, or to plan a new UX process to focus on your biggest pain points.

Using analytics to make better decisions


At Sett UX Lab, we’re delighted to offer our services both directly to organisations who own websites, software or apps, and to the agencies who work tirelessly to make those same websites, software and apps happen. If you’d like to hear more about what we can do for you, follow the links to start your project today or hear more about how we could work with your agency.

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